Individual Accounting & Tax Preparation

We make your managing your accounting and tax preparation easy!

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Income!

We provide:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Organization
  • Confidence

Our clients have the confidence of knowing that their finances are in good hands. We provide the individual attention that is necessary for complete peace of mind. We believe that communication is the key to successfully managing accounting and taxes. So, when you work with us, you will have your calls returned in a timely manner and we will create a plan for successfully managing the entire process.

We will help you get organized and stay organized. We will help you set up a system for managing your accounts and taxes. And we will always let you know which documents are necessary and when you will need to provide them. Together, we will work toward your continued success.

Tax Preparation

We offer complete tax preparation services, including:

  • Determination of necessary forms
  • Direction, receipt and collection of backup materials
  • Review of forms prior to submission
  • Discussion and answering all questions
  • Determination of potential refund
  • Submission of forms electronically

Tax Planning

Do you want to stay within a specific tax bracket?  We can help you achieve your goals. There are many income factors that are actually within your control. By looking at projections prior to December 1st, we can help you prepare for tax savings prior to the end of the year. In addition, we can review tax implications of potential real estate purchases and even help you structure the sale of property in order to minimize taxes over time.


Retirement Tax Planning

Need to decide whether to take social security early or later? We guide individuals in making these important decisions. Many of our clients have maximized their financial situations based on our counsel. We help them determine the tax implications of investments and assist with balancing between required distributions and minimizing taxes. Move gracefully and confidently into your retirement years.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

If anyone is looking for a well accomplished, smart, honest and tax saving Accountant then I highly recommend Bill Spargur. He has saved me thousands $$$$ over the last 4 years. My only regret was not finding him sooner!! Erik Leitzes, Realtor

Anyone who isn’t using Bill as your accountant and for tax work is missing out! Easiest accountant I have ever worked with and really works to help you save!! Sign up!!

  Robert Lucas (Moxy Trading LLC, Investor)

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?
Bring in all tax information paperwork received (W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc).  Additionally, any HUD statements and a list of any questions.  New clients should also bring in a copy of their last filed tax return.  If you have a business or rental activity, information required would be the income, expenses, asset purchases/disposals, and auto information (mileage log information and related expenses).
How much will it cost?
Fees are determined through a combination of time involved and complexity.  Initial consultations are always free of charge, though, as this is an opportunity for us to both evaluate each other for a potential working relationship. From then on, fees can estimated and quoted up front, with the caveat that should something unknown or unforeseen occur, this could have an effect on the final cost.
How do I make an appointment?
Appointments can be made via the online scheduling form (Click Here), via phone at the office number 239-444-6116, via phone or text through the cell number 239-777-3366, or via email at .
What kind of records do I need to keep?
All pertinent records for each specific year should be kept at a minimum of three years, though I am more comfortable with recommending at least five years in all cases.  In the case of business tax returns or a continuing item such as operating losses, capital losses, or other certain deductions, it is best to keep the records from the source year of such activity, no matter how long, until the last of the affected returns has been filed more than three years prior.