We help business owners make solid payroll decisions and guide them to success.
We help businesses get into compliance with IRS tax regulations regarding payroll. We do a thorough review of your organization to help you determine which payroll structure would be the most advantageous to you. We provide ongoing payroll support in certain circumstances.


We will do a thorough review of your organization to help you determine which payroll structure is most advantageous for you. We will discuss the alternatives and guide you to the best course of action.

Payroll Calculation

  • We calculate payroll for business owners or shareholder employees
  • We calculate self-employment retirement contributions


  1. We file quarterly reports with the IRS
  2. We generate W2s at year end
  3. We file all year end forms
  4. We generate 1099 forms and file them

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use payroll?
Payroll should only be considered by you as a business owner if your business is organized as a corporation.  If you have employees, you should be having a payroll service of some kind, whether in-house through software such as Quickbooks or externally through a company such as ADP or Paychex.  If your business is organized otherwise, we can evaluate and determine if there is a more tax beneficial structure that may include payroll as a solution.  This can enable certain benefits, depending on your goals.
Will you write the checks for us?

We do issue live payroll for a limited number of employees via direct deposit only.  We do also offer payroll calculation services as well as quarterly and annual filing services related to payroll. However, this kind of service is usually limited to self-employed individuals or business owners.

When do I have to report to the government?
All payroll reporting services, whether federal or state, are completed quarterly.  There are usually state unemployment taxes, and most states have withholding requirements.
How much do payroll services cost?
This depends on the exact nature of services involved and the number of affected individuals. Contact us to discuss and get a quote.